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More Options to Mexico Be it to the border or to your customer, UPS Freight offers more service options for your southbound cross-border shipments to Mexico. UPS ® Standard LTL with UPS Customs Brokerage ® : UPS Freight offers quality LTL door-to-door ground freight service, with customs brokerage … Mexico Customs Brokers | Mexican company established in 1980 with offices in Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey. Some of the services offer are: global logistics services; customs tariffs classification, handling and packaging merchandise, labelling, freight forwarded, customs clearance, storage, customs consulting services etc. Global/Central de Aduanas de Mexico, S.A

Customs Brokers | U.S. Customs and Border Protection UPDATE Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) emergency, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has canceled the April 1, 2020 Customs Broker Licensing Exam (CBLE). Individuals that registered for the April 1, 2020 CBLE will receive refunds for their application fee of $390.00. These refunds will be provided to all registrants automatically. CBP will continue to provide additional Shipping to Mexico - Regulations & How-to Guide | UPS Customs Brokerage Our expertise with Mexico's unique documentation and customs requirements may help to reduce the chance of delays and extra fees. We offer 24/7 customs services with commodity and security inspections, smooth entry into the country and clearance procedures that … Becoming a Customs Broker | U.S. Customs and Border Protection What is a Customs broker? Customs brokers are private individuals, partnerships, associations or corporations licensed, regulated and empowered by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to assist importers and exporters in meeting Federal requirements governing imports and exports. Brokers submit necessary information and appropriate payments to CBP on behalf of their clients and charge them a … Mexican Customs Brokerage - Carmi

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U.S.-Mexico Customs Clearance | Supply Chain Solutions ... Nov 08, 2019 · Imports from Mexico to Canada or the U.S. Complete end-to-end supply chain and logistics management solutions covering all of North America. Through a strategic alliance, we offer a consistent, border-wide customs clearance and supply chain management solution along the entire southern U.S. border with Mexico. Customs - Canada International Jul 31, 2018 · The number to reach Canada Customs outside Canada is 506-636-5064 (long distance charges apply). If you are returning to Canada and want to send your belongings back, it is strongly recommended that you contact a customs broker or an international moving company in order to facilitate customs paperwork: Customs Brokers in Mexico Customs Brokerage – Miner Group

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Livingston: Mexican Customs Brokerage Solutions | IMMEX Mexican Customs Brokerage No matter your mode of transportation, Livingston provides integrated customs solutions throughout North America. With access to our broad coverage in Mexico, your goods will clear rapidly, seamlessly. CUSTOMS BROKER - Dicex CUSTOMS BROKER. With 14 active licenses in Mexico, 2 in USA, 27 offices and experience since 1988, we offer an integral trade service with standardized processes in all ports of entry. Strategic Locations . Import and Export L&M | Mexican and American Custom Broker services

Mexican Customs clearance can take several hours, and pets on flights arriving after 2pm each day will be cleared the next morning. During the waiting time, LATAM’s customers will enjoy the only on-site and bonded kennel at Mexico City’s International Airport! Our Mexico …

12 Apr 2019 The customs broker will then follow up with the entire importation To comply with Mexico Customs regulations, every single shipment that  13 Sep 2017 Learn what steps you need to take to clear Mexico customs quickly and get freight on the road. At that point, a freight forwarder, customs broker and drayage Multiple airports (including Mexico City International Airport and 

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6 Jun 2017 Shipping between the U.S. and Mexico is not as easy as it may seem. U.S. Customs Brokerage · Global Trade Compliance · HTS Code the shipment to enter Mexico on behalf of the Mexican customs agent who is handling your shipment. A Mexican carrier transports its cargo to the border city.

We work closely with shippers, consignees, and appointed US freight forwarding agents and customs brokers to facilitate: Shipment planning; Timely exchange  JUSTIN FACEY Mexico was the first country in which TIBA began operations outside of in different cities; we received the cargo and moved it where it needed to go. When we started as a customs broker, we had to work with different  MX: your free, bilingual Mexico online directory of Mexican customs agents, Casa de Aduana, GOMSA (México, D.F., Nuevo Laredo, Tampico y Veracruz). When shipping freight to or from Mexico, XPO is the perfect solution. Select a Mexico customs broker or forwarder (see table below); Complete an XPO We provide direct service to more than 40 major cities in Mexico and can service all